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Current Projects

Uffa Fox Design - Wild Rooster - 26ft Open Powerboat

Swan 56 - Odyssey - 56ft Sloop

William Fife III 1952 - Nyachilwa - 34ft Classic Yacht

John Alden - Yankee Girl - 42ft Classic Yacht

Stirling - Integrity - 50ft Bristol Channel Cutter

Wild Rooster

We have just completed a new build of an Uffa Fox designed motor boat. 

She was launched in September 2023 and she will be exploring and residing in the waterways of South Portland, ME


Ooma has been undergoing an extensive restoration since she came under new ownership.

As you can see we have replaced some planks and frames.

She is a classy boat and it has been a privilege to bring the brightwork back to a high standard.

Ooma plans to stay on the South Shore and will be featuring in the annual  September Classic - Wooden boat race out of Lunenburg Harbour! 




Teak deck project

A team of eager Boatbuilders ripped up an old teak deck and carefully refit a brand new one

All 18 sections of decking, i'm sure you will agree, look amazing!



Bristol Channel Cutter

New topsides and multiple mini brightwork areas later, the boat left on it's travels


20220610_163421 (1).jpg


1945 Fife 

The beautiful Nyachilwa arrived in Lunenburg in 2022. She needed her varnish stripped completely, stained and re-finished with Epifanes UV varnish.

To stain and varnish existing pieces involves a very careful (and longer than usual) sanding process to ensure we didn't lay stain over old varnish (can cause a 'patchy' look).

Nyachilwa should be sailing out and around Lunenburg Harbour Summer 2024!


Finishwork - Getting the job done, it's not  glamorous!

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